Holiday House "Artemis"

Holiday House "Artemis" - Aeolian Island

  • The Aeolian Islands archipelago's takes the name from “Eolo God”, uncontested God of the wind, and is formed from seven islands scattered along the north-oriental Sicily's coast; they are posizioned like to form large “y” where Vulcano is the lower extremity and Alicudi and Stromboli the two tips more to the west and more to east.

    They have been defined the “seven pearls of the Mediterranean”, because they have an extraordinary fascination, always active volcanoes. “Panarea” is the smallest but also from young people the most attended and offers a movemented evening life. If you go to “Vulcano” cannot not dip your self in the natural small lake of warm mud. “Lipari”, is the largest, and is knowed like white “mountain” for the characteristic pomice, stone thant floats on the surface. “Salina” is the island that has fascinated the italian actor Massimo Troisi; in fact here as been shooted “Il Postino” film. Moreover is famous for the capers and the production of Malvasia, the famous nectar of gods. “Stromboli” is looks like an enormous giant black with the spandrel. In fact, at the sunset is possible to see the flame of the volcano, one spectacule in the world. Finally the are “Alicudi” and “Filicudi”, the most ancient islands and then most incontaminate. This because the evening, like nocturnal life, does not offer much choice. Therefore they are attended, mainly, from persons whom they want to relax, enjoying only landscapes to the world.
    Our council is visited them all, because of it it is worth truly the pain.